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  • Robert Taylor Sighting The Bismarck 4 Survivor Signatures Sold Out Withbonus Print
  • Return Of The Belle By Robert Taylor Rare Sold Out
  • Robert Taylor Dawn Eagles Rising 63/300 Gunther Rall Plus 2 Long Sold Out
  • Robert Taylor's Eagles Out Of The Sun Very Rare Sold Out L/e
  • Robert Taylor's Midway-the Turning Of The Tide Rare Sold Out L/e
  • Robert Taylor Midway-strike Against Akagi S. B. D. Dauntless 6 Sigs Sold Out Rare
  • Robert Taylor Lightning Strike P-38 Sold Out Rare 4 Signatures Price Reduced
  • Robert Taylor Ploesti The Vital Mission B-24 Bomber Oil Refineries Sold Out Rare
  • Robert Taylor Against All Odds German U-boat Pby Catalina 7 Sigs Bonus Sold Out
  • Robert Taylor Jv-44 Squadron Of Experts Messerschmitt Me262 Sold Out Rare